Core selection and GZD

Core taking is a complex procedure, any mistake may result in cheduled expenditures. That means only professionals should be trusted to do the job.

Core recovery from 90 to 100% is a witness to the excellence of LLC IDS Drilling specialists. Our specialists have done the unique jobs for complete core recovery from bottom sediments of Lake Baikal and from crystalline basement when drilling scientific well in Finland. 

Since established LLC IDS Drilling carried out core taking from 50 zones in wells with the depth from 1900 to 5600 m.

Our customers are: JSC OBK, OJSC Severnaya Neft, OJSC Usinskgeoneft, CJSC Intaneft, OJSC Orenburggeologia, OJSC РН-Krasnodarneftegas, ТНК-ВР, OJSC Orenburgneft, JV LLC Rusvietpetro, LLC LUKOIL-Komi, Urals Energy, Shlumberger et al.

Operation and maintenance of hydraulic zaboyny engines (GZD)

A factor that significantly influences well drilling speed is used drive type; that can be either rotor drilling or drilling with use of various hydraulic down-hole motors.

"IDS drilling" LLC provide professional Hydraulic Down-hole Motors (HDM) and engineering maintenance services.

IDS Machinery:

  • Geared turbo-drills: ТРО-240, ТОР-240.
  • Screw down-hole motors: ДВ – 95Р, Д – 106, ДР – 106, ДРУ3 – 127, ДУ – 176Р, ДРП – 176/188, ДВ – 172П, Д – 178.9/10.35.

"IDS drilling" LLC concluded well drilling technical and technological maintenance agreements with the following oil producing and drilling companies:

  • Orenburg Drilling Company OOO
  • DINEW OOO (URALS ENERGY subdivision)
  • Petrosakh ZAO (URALS ENERGY subdivision)
  • Siberian Administration of Well Construction OAO
  • Nova Energy Services OOO

Turnaround Time Best Results:

  • Geared Turbo-drill ТРО-240 turnaround time is 230 hours
  • Screw Down-hole Motor Д-178.9/10.35 turnaround time is 330 hours
  • Screw Down-hole Motor ДР-106 turnaround time is 260 hours
  • Screw Down-hole Motor ДВ-172Р turnaround time is 245 hours.